IBL english academy
At IBL English Academy, we are dedicated young people, who love their job. We love to spend time with children, we communicate with them, provoke them to ask questions and to come to the answers on their own.
Kids studying Englsih

In 2018, we opened our first affiliate in Sofia /Ovcha kupel, 13 Vitoshka polyana Street/ with the intention to create a special place, where the children would learn, develop and build up their own personality. Thanks to the high interest and the numerous wonderful children, with whom we work, three years later we opened the child language center in Manastirski livadi /101 Boyanski vodopad Street/ and the language center in Kardzhali /Vuzrozhdenci Quarter, 7 Aleksandar Zankov Street, floor 1, office 1/.

For us, training, upbringing and friendly attitude go hand in hand. We believe that every child has a potential that needs an enabling atmosphere for their personal development. One of our main goals is to build skills with which the children will be able to develop their sense of initiative and autonomy, when they have to make decisions themselves.

Sticking to the method of Inquiry Based Learning, we aim not only to teach the children a foreign language but also to help them learn how to establish strategies enabling them to solve any problems whatsoever. We insist on the carrying out of the defined activities, but for them, it is even more important to know why they are doing that.

If we want to build successful and positive persons, we need to work as a team with you, dear parents. Let’s frame our requirements together, meet the individual needs of every child and set a positive tone to the whole training process. And when you are uncertain what to do, we are here for you – after all, we are a team!

IBL English Academy is the right place for your child, where they will feel safe and happy in the world of English language. We are using the method of Inquiry Based Learning and that’s how we encourage the children to think out of the box and to get to the answers on their own.

Teacher in IBL Academy